An ever evolving, randomly generated, cooperative storytelling game with minigames and pirates.

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is better with pirates.

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Arr me hearties! Let me tell you a story that you shall never forget!

Amidst the smoke and the dim lantern glow of the cabin, the pirate's features were barely visible.

"When I was young me ship got lost in a terrible storm and was washed ashore the skull islands. That's where we found the Treasure and oh, what treasure it was. Ignoring the dark prophecies surrounding the isles, we filled our pockets with greedy hands and when we left, suddenly there appeared a great shadow rising from the deep, dark and thunderin' like the leviathan himself! And let me tell you me hearties, 'twas the shape of a ducky!"

The old pirate grabbed another cookie from a gilded casket and shoved it into his beard for safekeeping.

"Ever since then the seven seas 'ave been terrorized by this 70 foot rubber monstrosity, that grows larger by the day, I tell ya! Aye, but I'm old. I feel it in me bones an' not much gold is left in these moth-eaten pockets. I need you me hearties! Split up, go travel the seas and find every last piece of eight we took that fateful day, or else there's no tellin' what the cursed quacken will do next. The hiding places are written on old treasure maps that preserve what this sailor's leaky mind cannot. Go now! Find the maps, for we shall not see our island drowned in salt... and burnin’ rubber."

Choose YOUR Hero!

Bonny title


This redheaded lass is brave, has an insatiable hunger for riches and can send you to your dentist with her left hook. She’s a bit of a slow thinker though. In short: She’s everything that a young pirate aspires to be.

+ Skills
Jake title


Jake is a sad example of an actor gone too far. Since the tragic rum-sauerkraut accident he is stuck in his supporting role as a pirate. All of this wouldn't be too bad, were it not for his embarrassing lack of a pirate’s accent.

+ Skills
Richard title


He’s an amazing kisser, especially by pirate standards, but an unlucky combination of clumsiness and a remarkable pointy nose might cost you an eye or two. Maybe this is the reason why the Eyeless Madam is chasing him?

+ Skills
Calypso title


She’s mysterious, which basically means she’s smart and doesn’t talk much. And she has secrets, oh boy, so many secrets. You wanna hear one mate? Why is there a ducky tattooed on the small of her back? Why? No idea? Yeah me neither mate …

+ Skills


What does a pirate do when he’s not reading?

He visits the infamous Boiling Cat Inn, downs a few barrels of possibly non-corrosive and almost certainly poisonous grog and starts a duel with an unreasonably eloquent, banana-throwing monkey from Captain Redbeard’s crew. When he wakes up around noon the next day in a damp and gloomy prison cell, he simply picks the lock and leaves in the search for breakfast. That’s what a pirate does when he doesn’t read!

Featuring sabre duels, drinking competitions and lock picking as minigames.


Explore the map

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Silver Peaks

Gigantic mountains tower over the north side of the island. Small streams of fresh water cascade from the icy glaciers amidst the snow-covered peaks over steep cliffs into the mossy foothills. The lost silvermine of the Wegelbrandt Company attracts treasure hunters from across the world, though no one knows what actually lurks within the deep of the sprawling caverns.

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Only rarely does one find a path through the green thicket that is the Wet-Eye-Jungle. Many mysterious things are said to linger within: Hallucinogenic fungi, long forgotten ruins, poisonous creatures, marvellous flowers, rum smugglers and even cauldrons that might need a cleaning or two...

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The bustling city of Tortuga, under the reign of governor Pompus is a cultural melting pot, sometimes quite literally. An urban paradise for pirates and prostitutes, merchants and mercenaries, bakers and burglars and other alliterations. A place where everything can happen and being surprised is something that happens to other people.Make sure to visit the infamous Boiling Cat inn and beware the smelly fish market, with its distinctive smell. That smelly smell. That smelly smell that smells.

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Arrrgh’s Ship

Without a doubt Captain Arrrgh's flagship has seen better days. The paint is peeling from its seashell-covered hull, the cannons are rusty and the sails have been torn and stitched back together more times than any proper pirate can count (so maybe not so often after all). You’ll have a hard time finding a crew that is comprised of braver, more extraordinary and utterly madder lunatics than this ship has to offer. Just make sure you avoid the unpredictable mermaids and the nightmarishly large rubber duck that haunts the high seas, savvy? Savvy.

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The Orient

The white walls and shining rooftops glisten above the turquoise water, but nevertheless, behind the palm trees that seam the edge of the city, lies nothing but the endless desert.Aid mathematicians in distress, assist with dubious alchemy experiments and fight with hooded assassins on the bustling bazar and on the gloriously slippery palace roofs.

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The Sea Is Boundless

You think you’ve seen everything? Think again!
Every play through can unlock new events, characters and locations.

No game is ever the same!

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